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the last kingdom

Bernard Cornwell

I just finished Bernard Cornwell’s The Last Kingdom, the first book in his Saxon Tales series of historical novels set in the time of Alfred the Great. This is the third book by Cornwell that I’ve read and it’s the best of the three so far. The first novel I read by Cornwell was Agincourt, [...]

Dan Simmons’ Hyperion Cantos

Rise of Endymion is the fourth and final book in Dan Simmons’ Hyperion Cantos. While it doesn’t match the greatness of the first book, Hyperion, Rise of Endymion is still a damned good novel in its own right and does a wonderful job of wrapping up all of the issues, plots, questions, and threads raised [...]
Subterranean Quarterly

Writing News: The Cold Equation

My latest story, “The Cold Equation,” is online now at The Subterranean Quarterly. Exciting! Go check it out.
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My wife and I have been watching more and more shows that appear on BBC America. For some reason, it seems that the BBC has really gathered the talent to tell some wonderfully well crafted and interesting stories. Of course, we watch Sherlock, staring  Benedict Cumberbatch as Holmes and Martin Freeman as Dr. Watson.  It’s [...]

June 2014 Writing News

Sorry about not being her for so long. I’m going to try and rectify that. I know I promised that before but this time I’m going to do my best to really make it happen. Anyway, on with the good news!: Just got notice about an hour ago that my flash fiction story, “The Cold [...]